The thick white or pale yellow fatty liquid which rises to the top when milk is left to stand and which can be eaten as an accompaniment to desserts or used as a cooking ingredient.


A dairy product made from the fat and protein components of churned cream. It is a semi-solid emulsion at room temperature, consisting of approximately 80% butterfat. It is used at room temperature as a spread, melted as a condiment, and used as an ingredient in baking, sauce making, pan frying, and other cooking procedures.

Crème Fraiche

A dairy product a soured cream containing 10–45% butterfat, with a pH of approximately 4.5. It is soured with a bacterial culture. It is served over fruit and baked goods, as well as being added to soups and sauces.

Cream Cheese

Is a soft and usually mild tasting fresh cheese made from cream and milk.

Fromage Frais

A creamy soft cheese made with whole or skimmed milk and cream. Pure fromage frais is virtually fat free, but cream is frequently added to improve the flavour, which also increases the fat content. It can be served either as a dessert similar to yogurts, frequently with added fruit, or spread on bread.


A food produced by bacterial fermentation of milk. The bacteria used to make yogurt are known as yogurt cultures. Fermentation of sugars in the milk by these bacteria produces lactic acid, which acts on milk protein to give yogurt its texture and characteristic tart flavor.